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Empowering the Community for a Better Tomorrow

My resume which includes close to 20 years of management experience will bring missing elements to the Board of Commissioner’s. “The BOCC is essentially a three legged stool designed to support our county’s residents interests along with providing guidance and support to the departments within the county that report to the Board of county commissioners.” Honesty, integrity and the experience gained from listening to others input and perspectives led to a 25 year career with Idaho Forest Group (Riley Creek Lumber Co) and now owning and operating Riley Resources Log Hauling and Logging in Sagle. Prior to retiring from Idaho Forest Group in 2021 after 6 years of managing the Laclede operations with close to 170 employees, I had over 10 years managing the Chilco and Laclede Facilities Maintenance, Procurement and Filing departments. Having spent this amount of time managing private business, being fiscally conservative, professional, and making decisions based on facts and data is second nature. 

In addition to my time spent working for IFG, I have also coached baseball for Sandpoint Little League and North Idaho American Legion teams and was a volunteer for Bonner County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. Knowing that one ingredient that makes Bonner County special is its people, Brian has been on community committees including Priest River Timber days and Winterfest along with Sandpoints Timberfest.

In an effort to provide opportunities for our local youth to gain experience in the professional trades, several projects were spearheaded by Brian including apprenticeship partnership’s between IFG and Sandpoint High School, Priest River High School and Lakeland High School. For those seeking secondary education he also has experience on North Idaho College’s advisory boards in the Professional Trades sector.

“ I have been a resident of Bonner County for 39 years. I attended Sagle Elementary, Sandpoint Middle school and graduated from SHS; my wife, Tania, and our two boys were born in Sandpoint. We live in a special place and as leaders, we need to be stewards to the lands and communities of our county. This includes understanding we will continue to be a destination area for growth and tourism but to approach the challenges of this growth with a vision of keeping our rural roots intact and to represent all of the people of Bonner County.”

Get involved and be a part of the movement for positive change. Your support drives our efforts to build a better tomorrow. Stay updated with the latest news and upcoming events. Your feedback and participation are invaluable in shaping the future of our community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.


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